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BBC Land

A Land Comm About British TV Shows

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What is bbcland?
This community is like the many, many other land communities out there. It's modeled after legendland and whedonland. There are three teams; Team Drama, Team History, and Team Sci-Fi. Once you apply you will be placed in one of those communities and try with your teammates to earn the most points and win!

How do we earn points?
By participating in the challenges posted in the community.

Can I watch this community?
No, this community is for people who want to participate and can enter at least one challenge per two weeks.

How do I join?
First there are some requirements before you apply.
» Your journal should be at least 1 month old and show signs of activity.
» You should plan on participating at least once every two weeks.
» You will receive a comment when you've been accepted.
» When you have a team, you may join the main and team comm.

If those are all true then go here to apply for a team!

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